The concept

Metabolic Balance was developed from the knowledge that our daily food has an enormous influence on the functioning of our body systems and processes and therefore on our overall well-being and health.

Food and eating habits that are considered normal today are not good for most of us. Your body's natural self-regulation gets highly disrupted and as a result, disease and obesity are common.

Metabolic Balance focuses solely on metabolic health:

If one addresses the causes and restores the balance of the body, the symptoms may resolve naturally.

For example:

  • being overweight
  • having allergies
  • diet-related illnesses
  • poor gut health
  • skin conditions

The Result

The Metabolic Balance nutrition concept

Metabolic Balance is a comprehensive nutrition concept based on intensive and individual care as well as the creation of an individual nutrition plan.

This clear and simple plan shows:

  • which foods to eat to provide the right nutrients you need
  • in what quantities these foods should be eaten
  • in which combination foods are best for you
  • when and how to consume these foods
  • how to maintain your new eating habits for long term sustainable success

Individual and unique

Just like you!

Each plan is unique, because it is created using;

  • your blood values
  • your measurements
  • your personal data

Metabolic Balance further adjusts the nutrition plan to accommodate your needs and personal preferences, for example;

  • allergies
  • diseases
  • individual food likes and dislikes
  • vegetarian preferences
  • religious food restrictions

Metabolic Balance is equally suitable for the growing number of people who are already restricted with their food intolerences and for everyone else who values their health and wants to find learn the right foods they should eat.

The health of our participants

by personal support

Metabolic Balance focuses on health, both improving it and then maintaining great health. A positive side effect of healthy eating is commonly weight loss or as we like to say weight release.

This is why Metabolic Balance is most well know as a weight loss program. It's actually a well being program with the most common result easy, natural, healthy and sustainable weight loss.

In the Testimonials section you can get to know people like you and their stories. Many of our clients have made both sustainable improvements to their health and released an amazing amount of weight with Metabolic Balance.

You will read about many clients, whose lives have dramatically changed and improved. There are some inspiring before and after images as well.  

So how does Metabolic Balance work?

You can achieve your health goal much faster than you think

With Metabolic Balance you receive a unique and individually tailored metabolic program that supports you on your way to achieving your health goals. Find out how and how quickly you can achieve the goals you have set yourself.

Would you like personal support from a Metabolic Balance practitioner near where you live? You’ll find the right contact person in our online database.
Would you like to be flexible in terms of time and location? Many of our Metabolic Balance practitioners can support you remotely for some or all of your consultations.
Your practitioner will fully assess your current health and well being. You’ll get to know all about Metabolic Balance, discuss your goals and wishes and gain initial information to your practitioner.
The analysis of your blood values forms the basis for the creation of your individual nutrition plan. We will help you book your blood tests with one of our accredited labs. In addition, we have secured a special rate for all our clients. 
You’ll receive your personal nutrition plan with healthy, varied meals. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to change your eating habits. 8 rules and a smartphone app will help you. Some practitioners offer further support by way of online communities, social media, and personalised shopping and recipe support etc.
You have an individual practitioner fully trained as a Metabolic Balance coach at your side right from the start, either online or in person. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them. Share your successes with them and get practical motivational tips.
  1. Phase 1 – the preparation days. The body is gently prepared for nutritional change.
  2. Phase 2 – in the first two weeks, adhere strictly to the food list in your nutrition plan. After phase 2, oils will return to your life – and treat meals where you can eat whatever you want once a week.
  3. Phase 3 – the food list on your plan is extended and you try, with the guidance of your practitioner, to introduce further healthy foods, treat meals and allows for more flexibility.
  4. Phase 4 – you get to experiment for yourself, based on your experiences from the first three phases – and learn what works for you. You slowly incorporate more from outside the plan, but you’ll always have your newly-learned eating habits.

We remain true to our resolve

At Metabolic Balance we firmly believe that only with a comprehensive blood analysis may accurate metabolic advice be given to bring about genuine health improvements.

Initial consultation

  • This is the only way for both the practitioner and the client to be sure that there are no serious illnesses that might temporarily rule out participation in a metabolic programme.
  • Only in this way can diagnosed conditions and metabolic disorders be taken into account in your individual nutrition plan.

Often copied but never equalled

With Metabolic Balance, it’s like all good things: you can’t keep your success to yourself for long. Everybody wants a piece of the pie. Unfortunately counterfeits and copies appear regularly causing distress and confusion.

However – if “Metabolic Balance” can be read on it, we can assure you that you have purchased an exclusive and original product from Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG. 

Authenticity checker

If you would like to know whether your plan is a genuine Metabolic Balance plan, use our exclusive authenticity test. This will tell you if you’re holding an original in your hands!

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