Cynthia Soy

Yes it is the same person!! My awesome, stunning client @cynthnunda in Angola. Read her story “Truly there is no shortcut to a good body. It’s all about nutrition. I weighed my highest at 90kg😬 then after having my baby ,80kg , I was so frustrated because I was exercising but nothing was changing. After my baby turned 6 months I introduced formula and reduced breastfeeding .I then started metabolic balance nutrition program and it literally changed my life! In 2 weeks I lost 7kg 🙆🏾‍♀, then I added gym to my Metabolic Balance nutrition program then I started losing weight fast. Now I am at 65kg!!! I still can’t believe.
I just want to thank and appreciate my coach @shelinamediratta , I am all the way in Angola but she guided me through the program to where i am now .
It’s not about diet after diet after diet . It’s literally lifetime lifestyle change of what you need to be eating Personalised for you. I am so happy where I am right now, my before and after says it all 🎉” Cynthia Soy, Angola

Dj Hypnotiq

@djhypnotiqkenya shares his story “Absolutely nobody:
Me: So 6 weeks ago I decided I was done with feeling heavy and not happy with my body weight and decided I need to something about it. I looked for ways to reduce the excess weight I had and consulted a couple of my friends who had ideally gone through a drastic weight loss and regime. Talked to @wdjay and @djstretchkenya who referred me @shelinamediratta who runs metabolic balance kenya and started my weight loss journey. I can tell you it’s legit worked. Trick is just eating right amounts of food specific to my body type, dedication and discipline. 6 weeks later I’ve gone down from 92kgs to 79kgs and I’m still not at my target weight… if you are not comfortable with your weight, it’s possible to do something about it. Oh and this is without the gym.. bless”


” Thanks to my repost yesterday watching the progress @djstretchkenya has made with on metabolic balance plan (note: It isn’t a diet for me but a lifestyle), I wanted to share some facts about the plan cc: @shelinamediratta

The Metabolic Balance®️ plan is much more than your basic weight loss diet. The whole core purpose is to help you restore homeostasis (or balance) in your body by allowing it to do some proper healing.
It teaches you the fundamentals, puts you through a protocol that helps to detox your organs, balance your hormones, and finally, puts you on a path that helps you:
* Manage your weight
* Keep your blood sugar levels stable
* Reduce sugar and carb cravings
* Increase your energy levels, naturally
* Feel lighter and less bloated
It will help you:
* Keep the weight off, for good!
* Change your relationship with food
* Manage your stress effectively
* Possibly reduce or eliminate your medications
* Prepare simple and nutritious meals”


“In about 4months 126kgs to 108kgs…..18kgs down😂😂😂😂😂😂 no starving, no pills, no energy loss. Just a well planned and portioned diet according to your body type and occasional cardio sessions in the gym

Plus I get cheat meals weekly and can enjoy a beer or my favourite whiskey na Ugali nyama pale Hunters😂

Huge shout to @Shelina mediratta my coach for this. For more info hala at me to get in touch with her.

Targeting 95kgs then body building👍🏼👍🏼💪🏾💪🏾 @shelinamediratta @djstretchkenya”

Carole Wambua

“The Metabolic Balance program has totally changed my body and my relationship with food. In a very few short months I have managed to lose 19kg and 20cm on my waist. I feel and look great and the best thing is I know what to eat specifically for me. My skin and energy levels are amazing. Everyone says I look 10 years younger! My skin is glowing and I feel great.“

Carol Wairugu

“I’ve struggled with my metabolism for years. Nothing ever worked but this program did. Metabolic Balance Program has absolutely exceeded my expectations, not only did I get my metabolism issues sorted but I’ve lost weight to suit my BMI. I have learnt how to eat healthy and the support I’ve received from my coach Shelina Mediratta has been wonderful. The best gift in 2019.”

Tabitha Waithaka

“My journey has been a long and interesting one. I have been overweight for all of my adult life but carried it with confidence and class. I remain a plus size in my heart regardless. I decided to get rid of my weight through many failed attempts until the success of the METABOLIC BALANCE plan, thanks to SHELINA MEDIRATTA.”

Michael Waithaka

“My body is still under construction. The journey is long and hard but am enjoying every step even on the days Iam sore and don’t feel like working out. I ensure I eat clean thanks to Shelina Mediratta of Metabolic Balance East Africa”

Meg Nyamusi

“I am 5’1 inches tall and have always been a little chubbier than my height is allowed (at least according to the internet), but I was OK with everything. Losing the “baby fat” after giving birth to my first child wasn’t too hard; I felt like i knew what I needed to do and did it. When pregnant with my 2nd baby I was put on some hormonal treatment that really got me putting on the weight by the second month. I met a very good friend of mine who had started the weight loss journey and she looked fantastic (body goals) and on asking what her strategy was, she promised to let me know once I was ready, of course way after baby was born and breastfed. 1yr 4 months post-partum, I had stopped breastfeeding my baby and I still looked 9 months pregnant. One day I took my Mum to hospital and on stepping on the scale I nearly got a heart attack.. 100kg in the 5.1 inches frame!!!!! And the kilos continued adding up every day despite all my efforts and I started noticing everything when I took pictures, my body was changing. I was now struggling to take walks or any form of exercise which I really enjoyed and I preferred to sit and home to have a cup of tea instead. This was my turning point, I knew I was ready. I called up my friend who gave me Shelina ‘s contact. I wasn’t sure I would survive on the program because I had a negative attitude towards any weight-loss programs but I was ready to change. Unbelievably 16 days after starting the program, things started to change. I felt better and the program wasn’t hard to follow anyway.3 months later – I feel great, my clothes fit better, my neckline and waistline are back, i am comfortable working out and the weighing scale doesn’t lie anymore! I am happy to be a part of the MB family for life!!!:)”


“Thanks to @shelinamediratta of Metabolic Balance East Africa for kicking my butt into gear!! 5kgs more to go before July #sheddingforthewedding.”

Sheleena Pande

“90 kg heavy, 4 ft 10.5 inches tall, totally hypothyroid, and insanely menopausal! Tried numerous weight loss systems – some drastic, extreme ones too. At size 22 I gave up. The Metabolic Balance System was my last attempt and it worked! Today I am a fit size 12 and 59 kg! Cherry on top, I am healthy thanks to Shelina Mediratta of the Metabolic Balance Program.”

Aarty Patel

“Whether you’re working hard already on your own weight loss journey or you’re finding the inspiration to finally change you’re lifestyle……
Remember this is so true:
30 % Gym
70% Diet
Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym have always been a sporty person but little did I know you are what you eat I found it so difficult to loose weight despite of physically doing gym swimming and other activities. heard of Metabolic Balance through my cousin and she was already melting so fast I was inspired and thought this is so easy….I dived in with a 100 % dedication it became a habit and now a lifestyle change lost 3 dress sizes. There is no turning back cause it was tailor made for me and it had to work. Thank you so much for the support Shelina. I have changed my lifestyle and it has changed many things for me. Change your life around…call 0722 761 092”

Dipak Amin

“Before I started the metabolic balance program, my weight was 184 kg. I was severely overweight, had severe metabolic hormonal imbalance and various other health complications. After a drastically life changing episode with my health, I decided to change my lifestyle. A meeting with Shelina Mediratta had a huge and positive impact on how I decided to improve my health. She guided me in the right direction and helped make changes to my dietary lifestyle. Metabolic Balance just has significantly helped me with my health and my weight is now at a healthy weigh 80 kg. I am now healthy and feel and look younger. I would sincerely like to thank Shelina who has made such a positive impact on my life and helped lose my weight and become a health person both in body in mind.”


“I have lost 35kg and 44cm on my waist from the Metabolic Balance program. I am a completely new person full of energy, confidence & I feel great. My health has improved significantly and my thyroid is now under control. It is easy to manage and I love my new body. If you’re looking to lose weight and improve your health there’s only one long term solution…contact Shelina of Metabolic Balance”


“When I witness my clients commit themselves to changing their lives and watching them change, become more confident, learn their bodies and see the transformation of health and body…this is what creates a huge sense of fulfillment for me. That they chose me to part of their journey and the fact that I can help them and support them is something I am grateful for. I have always believed that if you want it bad enough you will make it work, if you don’t you’ll always make excuses. #metabolicbalance is the only solution for you. And as you can see…it damn well works!


This is called commitment! Coming in for your metabolic balance check-up with your baby cos the nanny didn’t show up! No excuses! So proud of you @sylvianjoroge you got this and well done for keeping the weight off through silly season. #metabolicbalance #shelinamediratta call 0722761092 for more info.

Tuhin, Dubai

“I have been overweight most of my life and a skeptic when it comes to diets and plans. Before I started the MB diet I weighed a 140kg. I was too fat to go to the gym and could not play any sport. I eventually agreed to try a hand at the diet thanks to my wife persuading me as she couldn’t bear to see how I was letting myself go recently thanks to a highly stressful, sedentary job. My overall target was to lose 40 kilos and I said to myself if two weeks is all I have to do to see if this works then so be it. I lost 8 kilos in those first two weeks and I was shocked. I have always had a slow BMR and never expected to lose that kind of weight in two weeks! That gave me serious motivation to continue. Within the next 3 months I have lost a total of 20 kilos and bear in mind I am yet to step into a gym or do any form of exercise. My goal is to lose the remaining 20 kilos over the next 3 months. The best thing about MB is that you have precise instructions on the types of foods you can have however you are at liberty to prepare it the way you want and therefore never get bored. The other interesting this is that it changes the way you eat. Three months on my food habits, cravings and even portions have all dramatically changed. I am already ecstatic about the weight I have lost and feel great, confident and energetic. I can’t wait to reach my goal weight because already I feel such a big difference in everything I do!”

Manjit K

“First of all THANKS so much for the right, promising and inspiring plan. I have struggled with my weight for a few years spending lots more money in trying to achieve my goal now and as a result have also developed some health issues. After trying numerous different techniques and diets I was told about Shelina and Metabolic Balance by a few relatives and friends who had all positive things to tell me. I thought that I may not achieve results due to my age but my family really encouraged me and I went to see Shelina. My first meeting with Shelina, she put me at ease and was very thorough at explaining the body’s metabolic processes and the science behind her theory. Shelina is a motivating, attentive, loving and caring individual who will coach you and guide you on your journey. She has helped me achieve and maintain my goals and made me feel a lot better. The care that she provides is outstanding. I reached my target weight in a short few months and I am so happy with the way I look and feel. Shelina has excellent qualities as a person, she makes each one of her client as comfortable as she can,understanding each individual commitments. I admit that after spending so much time and money both in London and Nairobi, the plan I followed with the care from Shelina is the best and am ready to recommend to anyone. Once again Shelina, thanks a lot and in future will look forward to seeing you with any consultations I may require.”


“I noticed that my weight had increased from a steady average of 55kgs to 69kg.I had tried other different kinds of diets and exercise but did not have success. I decided to see Shelina Mediratta of Metabolic Balance after seeing the incredible results from friends who had tried it. I am now 17 weeks into my diet and have embraced the changes in my cooking and eating to suit my social life and work life. I have gone from 69kgs to 58kgs, which is a huge achievement. My aim is to reach 55kgs and then level off. My advise to all…the Metabolic Balance program is definitely worth it! Ultimately you get to find out the foods that suit your body and that information alone is really beneficial as you can use it to make suitable choices when shopping at supermarkets or ordering at restaurants. Of course, all external diets need supervision and Shelina is a great coach. She is easily approachable and very supportive.”

Luciano Pasteris

“After stopping smoking I gained about 15kg in eight years; every now and then I was trying out some ways to lose weight i.e: gym work out, basic/acidic diet, calories diet but in vain and with quite a lot of struggle . By chance I came across an advertising on metabolic diet and said to myself “let give it a try” . After only 3 week my weight loss was already of 8 kilos and now 14kg in some three months. During all this period I enjoyed cooking my meals and felt losing kilos without any big effort and seeing the results was a great feeling. Now I feel somehow ok with my weight (88kg/176cm and almost 60 years old) and would just pay attention on controlling the kilos and hoping not to fall back to the initial situation . I feel more active and with a lot more of energy thinking how I managed to lose on the way the equivalent of 7 packets of ugali!”

Mr. Matharu

“I was brought to Shelina through my mother and sister. I am the type of person that would burn myself out in the gym and hope the weight would come off. I was a bit skeptical about the whole process and was scared of losing muscle whilst loosing weight through this process, or not eating enough hence reducing energy levels. However this was not the case at all with Metabolic Balance. The food portions were large and I had to reduce them! I was 103kg before I started and after a few short months have lost 19kgs!

The fact that blood tests are done prior to the diet helps a lot, it makes the whole plan personalized and that’s why it works. The blood report detected high acidity levels due to my normal eating and drinking routine. This really gave me a reality check about the state of my health as I hadn’t been to the gym for 6 months due to my busy schedule. I met with Shelina after she received my report and plan, and I was all set for a journey that totally transformed my lifestyle and health.

After 2 weeks of my diet plan I had reduced a lot of weight and felt more energetic. After a few months I have reached my weight goal of 84kg, feel a lot more energetic, sleep better, and am a lot more confident. I would definitely recommend metabolic balance to anyone looking to keep a healthier lifestyle.”

S. Khanna

I have been on the metabolic Balance program since April 2015. Three and a half months on and I’ve managed to lose 15kg which is an envy to many. But more importantly this regime has changed my lifestyle for the better. In addition I was border line on my sugar levels and was considered by my doctor as potentially diabetic. Ever since I started the metabolic balance program, my sugar levels have become normal much to the amazement of my doctor. I always bless Shelina Mediratta for introducing me to this regime and encouraging me at all times. I sincerely recommend this to anybody who wants to improve quality in their life.

Priyal Dodhia, 33yrs

“My Metabolic Balance journey has inspired not only new mothers but a lot of women who thought it was impossible to loose the weight and inches.

During my pregnancy I had put on approximately 30kg and believed it would shed off through nursing. My eating habits did not change and to my horror I just pilled on the extra kilograms. Before I started the Metabolic-balance Journey I was very close to 90kg and had complete hormonal imbalance. This in itself led to various other complications.

I have always had weight issues and have followed various diet program. I started my journey on this program in March 2015. After the detox days the program was so simple and easy to follow. In fact, the 14 days strict phase became second nature to me. By December 2015, I lost 30kg in weight, 20cm from my wait, 22cm from my hips and 13cm around my Thighs.

From a UK size 16 I can now comfortably fit into a size 10. My energy and confidence levels have risen immensely.

A big thank you to my mentor Shelina Mediratta for all her guidance on sight and remotely as well.”

Mr. R. Shah

“Since I have been on the metabolic-balance program, I have lost a tremendous 25kg and achieved significant cm loss on my waist, thighs and hips in a short space of time. My energy levels have increased, my health and general well being has become so much better – no more aches and pains! It has improved my life in many ways and the great thing is that the weight does not come back! My coach, Shelina Mediratta, has always been there to support me and guide me through my individualized plan, which is easy to follow and gives me the structure and discipline I always needed to keep me on track. The metabolic-balance program has been a success for me beyond anything I have experienced with other diets and way beyond anything I expected.”

Ashitkumar Mehta

“Before I started the metabolic balance program, my weight was 117kgs. I was severely overweight and had a complete metabolic hormonal imbalance; which created other complications. My cholesterol was extremely high and I was on the verge of diabetes. I suffered from sleep apnea, which was uncontrollable and embarrassing. My thyroid levels were very high. I constantly suffered from hunger pangs and cravings for sugar.

I am only 5 months into the metabolic balance program and I have lost a total of 24kgs! I have completely recovered from snoring and sleep apnea, my sugar levels have been regulated. My thyroid level has dropped and cholesterol levels have normalized.

I would like to sincerely thank Shelina Mediratta for giving me the right guidance for me to lose weight, improve my metabolism and help me get my health back. With all this I appreciate and thank you for all your support.”

Sabine Prabhu

Metabolic Balance is a truly amazing programme that not only easily helps you lose those extra pounds but leaves you feeling fantastic! I lost the weight I had been wanting to lose for many, many years in a couple of months following the 8 easy rules and choosing to eat from my personalized food plan. Whenever I had any questions Shelina, my coach, was there to answer them.

The really surprising thing, however,about this programme is that it is sustainable. I have had no problem keeping my new weight by still sticking to the rules which have become second nature to me now. The reason it is so easy to stay with this nutrition plan is that it makes you feel great. I haven’t had hunger pangs or cravings because I’m eating balanced meals. I look and feel really well! I can only recommend this programme. It really works!

Shenu Lalani

“I began my weight loss and wellness journey with metabolic-balance Kenya at the end of February 2015, a short few months down the road and I have lost a total of 19kg, 9.5 inches on my waist, 6.6 inches on my hips and 4.7 inches on my thighs.  My energy levels have gone increased, my skin, hair and general well being have improved dramatically.  I feel and look absolutely fantastic.  The program is manageable and has helped me curb my cravings and has balanced my hormones.”

S. Kontos

“I lost 10kg and 7 inches on my waist, 3 inches on hips and 4.3inches on my thighs on the metabolic-balance program”

Mrs. S. Patel

“I lost 9kg and 5 inches in my waist, 4 inches in my hips and 3 inches in my thighs with metabolic balance. The program and the coach have been excellent and has certainly helped me achieve my weight loss goals”

Mr. S. Chandaria

“I lost 7.2kg and 3 inches on my waist, 1.5 inches on my hips and 2 inches on my thighs on the metabolic balance program”

Mr. Andew Ndolo

“I lost 17.4kg, 7.4 inches on my waist, 3.5 inches on my hips and 3.5 inches on my thighs in a short span of 3 months of being on the metabolic-balance program. My energy levels have significantly improved, it has drastically improved my ability to concentrate and focus on my business, I feel and look younger and best of all my health has improved significantly”

Pettie Andrew

“I lost 11kg, 4.3 inches on waist, 4 inches on my hips and 3.1 inches on my thighs after 3 months of being on the metabolic-balance program. I feel and look fabulous, my skin is flawless and I feel more energetic and confident. I got my body back…the same body I had when I was in my 20’s and that’s by far one of my greatest personal achievements. Thank you metabolic-balance!”

Sharan A.

Before I started teh Metabolic Balance program, with my coach Shelina Mdeiratta, I weighed 79kg, and for a boy at my age, I was heavily obese. I could not control my hunger and was filled with pangs throughout the day. I was advised by my close family friend to start on the metabolic program. I met with Shelina Mediratta who very professionally helped me and my family start the Metabolic Balance program. In a short period of 11 weeks I lost 13kg, 20cm on my waist, 15cm on my hips and 13cm on my thighs. I dont feel any hunger pangs. I feel like anew person because of her and the metabolic program; I also feel like I can do things that I could never do before. I would happily recommend this program to anyone who wants to loose weight, it works like a charm

Shrutti Shah, 55yrs

“After moving to Kenya from England, starting a new life and having two kids 28 years ago. I had gained weight, lost my skin texture and colour had turned grey black on my face I weighed 68 kilos up from 55kg as a young woman. I attributed it to menopause and the African climate and life style. Apart from never feeling at ease with my aged looks I constantly trying to loose weight by exercising and dieting. Although I toned I never lost weight and resolved to the menopause myth that women loose their shape.

Metabolic Balance diet gave me a new lease of life so far I have lost 18 kilos my skin is radiant again I feel happy all the time and dont even know the reason! There is such an energy surge that my family are in awe and wonder at the new me. I highly recommend this as I dont starve, I just FOLLOW the 8 principles, my personalised plan and lead a normal life enjoying food as I used to since I am a “food aholic” Ayone will tell you that, even those who know me remotely.

My mental state has never been so good nor has my energy levels even when I was 23! Thank you for your guidance Shelina and thank you all the people who I saw this plan made a difference to hence making me do it”

Amelie, 23yrs

Doing Metabolic Balance wasn’t really a choice for me, I had no alternative. I could only eat 6 foods that had to be from the same manufacturer, I permanently had allergic reactions to foods, which ranged from mild dysphagia to anaphylactic shock. For emergencies I had various medications and instructions from the doctor. Obesity was the least of my problems.

When I met with my practitioner and he created my individual plan I was a little scared as there was a lot of food on my plan which I knew I could not eat. For example, In the beginning I only ate papaya, because I thought I was allergic to the sugars in fruit. It was only when I started eating it that I realised “I got no cramps, yes”, that’s when it all changed and I started to eat everything on the plan. It was incredibly delicious, and I lost weight, without even trying.

In my opinion eating according to Metabolic Balance, is the only method that eradicates the allergic reactions to certain foods. For the first time I’m actually eating! Meanwhile, I have a cooking blog, I was in a cooking show on TV as a guest, where I prepared a normal meal. I’ve developed hundreds of recipes and I am incredibly happy.

Michael, 23yrs

In March 2010 I woke up one day and thought I was far too fat, I had exceeded the 25 stone limit. So it could not go on. My goal was to get down to less than 15 stones in half a year. What can I say? I’ve done it!

Honestly, I had closed my eyes to all weight-related impairments and did not realize how bad I felt. It was only when the weight started to come off and life was much easier that I became aware of it. it’s the everyday things like climbing the stairs – I’m far less out of breath quickly and just feel much more comfortable going up and down them.

I chose Metabolic Balance as I’m the type of person who needs clear targets and intersections to do things. The exact quantities shown in my individual plan make it so easy. A friend of mine tried Metabolic Balance a few years ago and had considerable success. I looked at it more closely to see if it would work for me and immediately knew – it was the right thing for me.

The initial detoxification period left me feeling a little exhausted, but after that I was fine. And although I’m pretty involved as a real estate professional, for me there was no problem to eat the things on my diet plan.

The biggest change for is definitely the new body and the feelings associated with severe weight loss. I have much more energy and feel great. At the same time I was a young man I like to look in the mirror. I like the new me and I’m happy.

Myriam, 29yrs

In 2011 I started suffering from severe stomach problems, I would get meal acid reflux at the end of every meal which just made my stomach bigger and bigger and took my weight up to a level I wasn’t comfortable with.

I consulted with a doctor, who prescribed medication but even that didn’t help. At 26 years old I was faced with severe obesity, so I had to find another way. A colleague had mentioned Metabolic Balance and after doing my research on the internet, I quickly made an appointment with a practitioner.

My practitioner created my individual program, something I have been in search of for years. The initial investment may seem high but you’re investing in your life and it more than pays for itself. I initially found the program a shock to my system but acclimatizing to it didn’t take long.

There were many people around me who didn’t understand why I wanted do it, but that didn’t stop me. I completely pulled through Phases 1 and Phase 2, a few misfires in Phase 3. After the first 2 months I lost 1.5 stones. I realised in Phase 4 that this needs to be a way of life for me and having completed the program I’m now 5.5 stones lighter and the weight hasn’t piled back on.

I’ve had a great holiday behind me, move around a lot more and like to try out new sports. It totally changed my life.

Jennifer, 29yrs

When I saw photos of my last Christmas, I was totally shocked at what had become of me. At this time I weighed 17 stones and I was very unhappy in general. I needed to do something & quick. In the past I’ve tried everything to get thinner, and I mean everything. But in the end all I got was that typical yo-yo effect. I was really frustrated.

I chose Metabolic Balance because of the structure and support. Suddenly everything just fell into place, insanely fast. I lost 2.5 stones in the initial Phases and from then on it was so easy.

I believe that because I was finally happy everything else also fell into place – first I got myself a better job and then I moved in with my boyfriend. I am happy. I’ve never felt so well.


“Shelina helped me to make better personal food choices as I was not only overweight but also felt very tired and was lacking self esteem. We made a lot of changes to my eating habits, however ​s​he was very realistic on what I like to eat/drink. She promotes people taking pleasure in what they are eating. Within a few months I felt a big difference. I have lost about 12kg by now and have a much better “relationship” to my body. Thank you for supporting me along the way! It was 100% worth it!”


“When a friend referred me to Shelina i was in 2 minds. All my life i have been on a diet. But meeting her is the best decision I have made this year. I have lost about 9 kg in 2 months and 6 inch on my waist…my target is not far and now i know i will achieve it. Thank you Shelina!”